Thursday, April 2, 2009

New name new luck and a bit of bye bye


Due to marriage I have taken a new name. Formally known as Philipp Bracher my name is now Philipp Bärfuss. Quite a funny experience :-D

Hence I decided to create a new blog using my new name. Starting today I am in a documentation conclave and will write about this in the new blog. We have also nearly finished STK 1.1 which brings some essential improvements.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

STK: HTML and CSS structure

I have copied a page which describes the HTML and CSS concepts behind the STK.

This is mainly important for designers working on new themes.

The base: content 2 bean

Wolf asked me to elaborate a bit on all the billions of options you can configure in the template definitions (and site configuration). Before I start to do so I would like to point all to a new documentation page we have added to the documentation about generic configuration mechanism.

The essential chapter is the one about content 2 bean which describes how the configuration is transformed to java beans. The key point is, that if you want to know what you can configure you have to look at the java bean's code (resp. javadoc). This is also the mechanism which is used to setup up the module bean based on the configuration under /modules/mymodule/config

As a next step I will start to list most important properties of a STK template.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Release Notes

Gregory finally published the release notes which contains all relevant information about changes (see also the sub pages summarizing API changes & cleanup ).

As a template developer you should especially read the new templating features page.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is a Theme

Philippe asked me to explain what a theme is. So I did on a new theme page.

STK: Themes

In STK 1.0 we started to support themes. By default we deliver the theme-pop. I added a quick note about how to create a custom theme.

In the later run this definitely deserves an extra page.

FreeMarker: STK's template language

There were controversy debates about the fact that we use FreeMarker as the main template language in STK.

So I have put some answers I have given on the user list to the main STK documentation page and wrote a Magnolia oriented FreeMarker primer.